Gender, Peace, and Security Series

Given the high interest in the WIIS policy roundtables on Women, Gender, and Terrorism, WIIS is excited to announce the launch of a new series of policy roundtables in 2017- 2018.

The Gender, Peace, and Security series will explore the gender dimensions of key regional security challenges. The first series of roundtables demonstrated an emerging interest and curiosity within the U.S. security community to learn about the gender dimensions of international security challenges and the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda. That said, as highlighted by a recent survey of the New America Foundation, the overwhelming majority of U.S. policy makers and security experts have little knowledge about gender and how gender inequalities impact international security challenges.[1]


The WIIS policy roundtables will fill this gap by:

1. Advancing awareness and knowledge of gender and the WPS agenda and demonstrating the relevance of the WPS agenda when examining international security challenges;

2. Advancing understanding how redressing gender inequalities can help resolve and mitigate security challenges in the 21st century; and

3. Bringing the WPS and security expert (functional and regional) communities together.

The Gender, Peace and Security 2017-2018 series provides a forum for bringing together an diverse group of experts and policymakers to advance gender considerations in security policy deliberations.


Embassy-of-LiechtensteinWith the generous support of the Embassy of Liechtenstein in Washington, D.C., WIIS will facilitate a series of expert roundtables to explore the gender dimensions of key regional security challenges. These roundtables will provide a forum for bringing together a diverse group of experts and policymakers to advance gender considerations in security policy deliberations. Key takeaways and recommendations of expert roundtables will be captured and disseminated in the form of policy briefs and framing papers.


Upcoming Expert Roundtables:

September 18, 2017: Gender Dimensions of Security in the Horn of Africa

Please join us for the first roundtable discussion in our series on Gender, Peace, and Security. For this discussion, we will focus on gender dimensions of security challenges in Kenya and the Horn of Africa. Panelists will examine the role of gender in traditional security challenges such as terrorism and armed conflict, as well as non-traditional, human security issues such as human rights and climate change. Experts will also discuss the gender-related violence against the record number of female candidates in Kenya’s recent elections and efforts to increase female political participation.

Register for the event here:


Check back for updates on upcoming roundtables!


Policy Briefs

Read policy briefs from the previous series here and check back for updates on upcoming publications!





[1] See New America Foundation Policy Reports: Not Secondary but Central (2016); Gender Inclusivity and National Security (2016); A Guide to Talking WPS Inside the US Security Establishment (2017).

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