WPS + GPS Initiative

WIIS is pleased to announce the launch of a new two-year Initiative: the Women, Peace, and Security + Gender Peace, and Security (WPS + GPS) Initiative!

The WPS + GPS Initiative is designed to bridge existing divides between the traditional security community and the WPS community.  The Initiative seeks to reframe and broaden the WPS agenda to include a Gender, Peace, and Security agenda in order to advance knowledge and build and support a community of international security experts that is more diverse and knowledgeable about the gender dimensions of complex international security challenges. The Initiative will include a research and book project as well as a Next Generation Symposium bringing together an international cohort of next generation leaders in peace and security.


Next Generation Symposium

The five-day symposium will examine international security challenges from a gender perspective and bring together an international cohort of 24 graduate students (MA and PhD students). The symposium is scheduled to take place November 2017 in Washington, D.C.

The symposium will feature interactive lectures and seminar discussions on the gender dimensions of international security challenges. In addition, symposium participants will receive professional development and skills training, including how to effectively communicate with the media, write for policymakers, and leverage social media. Participants will also gain exposure to government agencies, international organizations, and think tanks.

Finally, symposium participants will be invited to actively participate in the first workshop of the WPS+GPS research and book project. This project brings together leading scholars and experts across disciplines and across the globe to take stock of WPS+GPS efforts and define the research and policy agendas for the future. WIIS will seek to pair graduate students with senior members of the research and book project and encourage them to set up joint research and writing teams. In addition, selected participants will be requested to write two blogs following the symposium.

Research and Book Project

The research and book project will bring together authors from across the world, across genders, across generations, and across disciplines to advance our understanding of the gender dimensions of international security challenges.  Authors will analyze pressing security challenges with a gender perspective. They will also assess the shortcomings of both the WPS agenda and the traditional security agenda and propose a new more inclusive WPS+GPS agenda.


This Initiative is made possible thanks to the generous support of Carnegie Corporation of New York and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Both were original funders of WIIS, and have long understood that sustainable advances in international affairs require community building and field building. Their support is critical in building and nurturing a more diverse security community that advances equal rights for all.

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