Reference Materials

A Women's Guide to SSR

DCAF Handbook Gender and Complaints Mechanisms

DCAF Backgrounder - Gender and SSR_2009

Female Staff Associations Paper_2011

Female Staff Associations Annex _2011

GenderTraining for the Security Sector Lessons-identified and practical resources

Gender Self Assessment Guide for the Police, Armed Forces and Justice Sectors_2011

Gender and SSR Examples from the Ground_2011

Gender and Democratic Security Governance - A Handbook for Civil Society Organizations_2008

Gender and Defence Transformation - PfP Seminar Report_2011

Integrating Gender in Post-Conflict Security Sector Reform_2008

Learning from Others Mistakes - Towards Participatory, Gender-Sensitive SSR_2011

Poster Boys No More - Gender and Security Sector Reform in Timor-Leste_2009

PfP Consortium Gender and SSR Workshop Report_2010

Palestinian Women and Security_2010

Public Oversight of the Security Sector - A Handbook for Civil Society Organizations_2008

Preventing&Responding to SDV against Men

Security Sector Responses to Trafficking in Human Beings_2007

Seen but not Heard - Children Youth and Security Sector Governance_2009

Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict - Global Overview and Implications for the Security Sector_2007

Teaching gender to the military - PfPC workshop AAR_2012

War is no Child's Play - Child Soldiers from Battlefield to Playground_2005

Wkshop report final En 04.02.13

Women in an Insecure World - Executive Summary_2007

Women, Peace and Security from Resolution to Action - UNOG DCAF Seminar Report_2010

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