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  • NEW - Julie Arostegui, J.D. – Women, Peace and Security law expert. Read her WIIS member profile here!
    July 30- “Law of Armed Conflict Expert, Human Rights Advisor, Gender Advisor… Cynthia Petrigh goes by many names.” Read her 
    WIIS member profile here!
  • July 28- An analysis of the interim agreement and its extension reveals a good deal about the Iranian negotiations strategy and the pitfalls the P5+1 should avoid in a potential comprehensive agreement.” How to negotiate with Iran, by Dana Schwarz
  • July 23- “Trying to create a more sustainable peace while ignoring over half the population is a recipe for failure, especially when “women’s agency, their creativity and patience, and their capacity to love and to build consensus… make women a valuable constituency for peace” – Women and civil society at the negotiating table, by Alex Paul


  • New publication available! Open letter by the Missing Peace Young Scholars network via Huffington Post
  • New publication available!  “Women, Peace and Security: Practical Guidance on Using Law to Empower Women in Post-Conflict Systems”  by Julie L. Arostegui and Veronica Eragu Bichetero examines practical measures on how to integrate international principles on gender equality and women’s rights into post-conflict legal systems with a focus on the Great Lakes region. It can be accessed here.