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  • NEW – An analysis of the interim agreement and its extension reveals a good deal about the Iranian negotiations strategy and the pitfalls the P5+1 should avoid in a potential comprehensive agreement.” How to negotiate with Iran, by Dana Schwarz
  • July 23- “Trying to create a more sustainable peace while ignoring over half the population is a recipe for failure, especially when “women’s agency, their creativity and patience, and their capacity to love and to build consensus… make women a valuable constituency for peace” – Women and civil society at the negotiating table, by Alex Paul
  • July 14 – “Palestinians and Israelis bring to the conflict a deep sense of persecution that is not always recognized by the other side because each are too preoccupied with their own tragic national experience.”  Invisibility, victimhood and the sunk costs of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by Helidah Ogude
  • July 10 – “This post hopes to open the discussion regarding the need for internationally agreed upon cyber treaties among countries relating to the protection of critical infrastructures from getting caught in the cyber battlefield crossfire between nations.” How to use international treaties to protect critical infrastructure from cyber warfare, by Lydia Kostopoulos


  • NEW “Law of Armed Conflict Expert, Human Rights Advisor, Gender Advisor… Cynthia Petrigh goes by many names.” Read her WIIS member profile here!
  • New publication available! Open letter by the Missing Peace Young Scholars network via Huffington Post
  • New publication available!  “Women, Peace and Security: Practical Guidance on Using Law to Empower Women in Post-Conflict Systems”  by Julie L. Arostegui and Veronica Eragu Bichetero examines practical measures on how to integrate international principles on gender equality and women’s rights into post-conflict legal systems with a focus on the Great Lakes region. It can be accessed here.