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Chapters and Affilates

To maximize its outreach, WIIS encourages the creation of U.S. Chapters and International Affiliates. Chapters and Affiliates enhance WIIS’s efforts to advance the leadership and professional development of women in the field of international security. WIIS Chapters and Affiliates operate independently but in close contact with WIIS Global. Currently, WIIS has a network of nine U.S. Chapters and 25 International Affiliates.


Name of Chapter or AffiliateWISCOMP
Type of UpdateOpportunity
TitleCall for Entries: 'Care, Mutuality, Fraternity: What Makes a Campus a Community'

How do we reimagine care, mutuality, and community as what B.R. Ambedkar called forms of “associated living, or conjoint, communicated experience,” in the university? Given the gendered nature of all university spaces, does the responsibility to care disproportionately fall on women? How do we think with feminisms to advance this Ambedkarite idea of fraternity in campuses across India that are increasingly being militarized, surveilled, neoliberalized, and depoliticized?

We are aware of mass-scale progressive students’ mobilizations that have been resisting this onslaught to maintain at great peril to their lives and futures the spirit of fraternity as the foundations of university community. This edition of Log-in Gender invites entries that will speak to the ordinary and everyday forms of resistances, negotiations, and strategies that students and teachers use inside classrooms, hostels, dining halls, canteens, common rooms, corridors, toilets, laboratories, among others, to practice—despite the challenges—a community life on campus marked by care, mutuality, and fraternity.

Entries (350-500 words) that take varied forms not restricted to auto-theoretical pieces, intertextual creative works, diary entries, conversation pieces, field notes, and interviews, are encouraged.

Contributions are open to young professionals with a Bachelors’s or higher academic degree, and students currently enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters and PhD prgrams. Recent graduates, as well as young prfessionals will also be considered. All genders are encouraged to apply.

Contributions must be sent in by 10 May 2020 at [email protected]

For clarifications, write to [email protected]

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The WIIS Chapters and International Affiliates operate independently, but under the guidance of WIIS Global, to fulfill the mission of WIIS, promoting and advocating for women leaders in the international peace and security field with their programming and activities. Legally, U.S. Chapters work as part of WIIS Global.

WIIS has members- women and men -in 47 countries and on six continents. WIIS members work in international organizations, government, NGOs, think tanks, universities, corporations, and media outlets around the world.