Trailblazers Workshop 

March 24, 2018: Dr. Haring and Ms. Rico facilitated a day-long workshop in Killeen, Texas. The Trailblazers workshop provided infantry and armor women tools for successfully integrating into combat arms units.


Combat Integration Update Briefing: 

April 5, 2017: In 2013, the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced the repeal of the rule that prohibited women from being assigned to combat jobs and combat units. The Services were directed to develop and complete integration implementation plans by the end of 2015. Military and civilian experts examined the progress made toward full integration and the challenges that remain.


The Continuum of Harm in the U.S. Armed Forces

April 25, 2016: Despite significant investments of time and money by the military to reduce interpersonal violence and educate service members on appropriate interpersonal behaviors; bias, harassment and sexual assault continue to be a major problem in the armed forces. To solve the military sexual assault problem, it is critical that leaders, policymakers and individuals understand the Continuum of Harm which connects a broad range of deeply rooted beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that lead to sexual violence. During this event, organizational and individual approaches to tackling these challenges will be examined. Participants include psychologists, practitioners, researchers and DOD officials who are working to end military sexual violence. This session is designed to increase awareness of the various forms of interpersonal violence and expand the discussion about preventing and eliminating these behaviors. 

Operationalizing Combat Integration 

February 4, 2016: Hosted by the Service Women’s Action Network, the conference featured academic experts, organizational change practitioners, and military professionals providing advice on how to successfully implement change. The conference was intended to educate past and present service members, the media, policymakers, and DOD civilians and military leaders responsible for implementing this change. Topics included the following: Managing Operational Change, Analysis, and Recommendations for the Service Implementation Plans, and Best Practices for Combat Units.


Analysis of the Marine Corps study by Ellen Haring and Megan MacKenzie, 

October 14, 2015: Read Ellen Haring and Megan MacKenzie’s analysis of the October 2015 Marine Corps study on the integration of women into combat occupations.

Challenging DoD’s Institutional Barriers: Female Rangers Lead the Way to Gender Integration

August 27, 2015: WIIS co-hosted a networking event with distinguished guests to discuss and reflect on the recent graduation of two women from the U.S. Army Ranger School. 1st Lt. Shaye Haver and Capt. Kristen Griest received their Ranger tabs on August 21, 2015, becoming the first women ever to successfully complete the U.S. Army’s Ranger School at Fort Benning, GA. The graduation of two women from a grueling course that puts a premium on physical strength and endurance is a testament to women’s desire and ability to perform in combat roles.

Women In Combat: Lessons Learned from Cultural Support Teams

July 12-14, 2015: A discussion was held on the topic of Women in Combat with former members of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Cultural Support Teams (CSTs).  The CSTs consisted of small teams of U.S. servicewomen who were specially selected, trained, and deployed in support of special operations missions in Afghanistan. The women served with Ranger teams during direct action missions and on Special Forces teams during village stability operations. What did these teams do while supporting special operations forces? What challenges did they face as they integrated the all-male Special Forces and Ranger teams? How did their deployment help the mission in Afghanistan? What lessons can they share for integrating women into combat units? These questions and more were addressed at this event. Read the Latest Policy Briefing Report on CSTs here: Policy Brief – Women in Combat- CSTs.

Women in Combat: Where They Stand

April 27, 2015: Women in International Security, Alliance for National Defense, the Reserve Officer’s Association and No Exceptions hosted a half-day event to examine what has changed for US servicewomen since the 2013 rescission of the Department of Defense ground combat exclusion policy. Watch the C-SPAN coverage of the event here.


Women in Combat Units: The Experiences of Partner Nations

May 1, 2014: During a symposium on Women in Combat Units: The Experiences of Partner Nations on Capitol Hill today, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine reiterated his strong support for the decision to lift the ban on women in combat. Kaine, along with U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and U.S. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, sponsored the symposium, which included firsthand accounts from women who recently returned from serving in combat. Find more information about the event agenda and speakers here.


Women in Combat, Past Integration Efforts

February 1, 2013: Women who’ve served in the U.S. military discuss their experiences and challenges, and comment on the Pentagon recently lifting its ban on women in combat. They were joined by women who’ve served in Canadian and Norwegian military. The event was hosted by the Stockholm Institute and the Service Women’s Action Network.

Women Who Have Served in Combat

February 1, 2013: American women who served in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan talked about their experiences and commented on the Pentagon’s recent lifting of the ban on women in combat. The event was hosted by the Stockholm Institute and the Service Women’s Action Network.

Women in Combat, Implications of Full Integration

February 1, 2013: Panelists talked about the implications of the removal of the ban on women in combat. Panelists included an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, which sued the Pentagon over the ban, a law professor, and a legislative assistant who gave the congressional perspective. The event was hosted by the Stockholm Institute and the Service Women’s Action Network.

Lifting Combat Restrictions for Women Panel

February 1, 2013: Panelists, including men and women who served in the military, talk about their experiences with integration, and give their recommendations on how best to proceed now that the restriction on women in combat has been removed.

Briefing Papers

January 28, 2014: Integration of Women in Ground Combat: A Snap Shot One Year Later


July 2013: Four Critical Elements of Successful Integration by Kerry Crawford


September 28, 2015All Military Jobs Should Be Open to Women, Including Those in the Marine Corps. No Exceptions

September 28, 2015Marine Corps Study Analysis

April 2015Combat Integration Status Report

January 22, 2015Combat Integration: A Snapshot Two Years Later

January 1, 2015Combat Integration: Status Update


June 2013A Review of the Implementation Plans for the Elimination of the Direct Ground Combat Assignment Rule

Articles and Press Releases

April 13, 2018: Will Letting Women Fight Fix Gender Equality?


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October 14, 2015Exclusive access to Marine Corps study shows it misses the mark by Ellen Haring and Megan MacKenzie.

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September 2013For a Limited Time Only: Setting women Marines up for success by Capt. Katelyn van Dam for Marine Corps Gazette

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For a Limited Time Only

August 1, 2013Women and the Audie Murphy Model by Col. Ellen Haring (ret.) for the Armed Forces Journal

Summer 2013: Women in Battle: Gender Perspectives and Fighting by Robert Egnell for Parameters

Summer 2013: Women in Battle: What Women Bring to the Fight by Col. Ellen Haring for Parameters

3rd Quarter 2013: Insights From the Women in Combat Symposium by Col. Ellen Haring for Joint Forces Quarterly 

June 24, 2013: To Stop Sexual Assault Against Women in the US Military Add More Women by Col. Ellen Haring and Anne Coughlin for The Christian Science Monitor

June 20, 2013: In the Army Sex Discrimination Begins at West Point by Anne M. Coughlin and Col. Ellen L. Haring for The Washington Post

February 19, 2013: Making a Case for Females on the Front Lines by Mary Jennings Hegar for The Houston Chronicle 

January 26, 2013: A Woman Who Has Already Seen Combat by Mary Jennings Hegar for National Public Radio


November 2012: Marines or Marines*? by Chris and Jeannette Haynie for Proceedings Magazine 


Fighting to Fight: Women in the Military Part 1 

It has been one year since combat roles opened up to all women in the military including the Marine Corps infantry. But, just as women were signing up as grunts for the first time in history a scandal rocked the institution.

Since the restricted combat roles opened up to women in the Corps last April, only 25 have made the cut, including three who joined the infantry as enlisted Marines.

Fighting to Fight Women in the Military Part 2

Two women, former Marines, share their stories about working in a male dominated world and the double standard they say exists.


First Women Soldiers Complete U.S. Ranger Training

August 18, 2015: Senior Fellow Ellen Haring provided insight as to what women graduating from Ranger School means for the future of women in the security field.

Will the first women to finish Ranger School change what’s off limits in the military?

August 18, 2015: For the first time, two women completed the Army’s rigorous Ranger School training program. But unlike their fellow male graduates, they were not yet allowed to serve in elite Ranger units, due to the Pentagon’s current ban on women in combat. Judy Woodruff discussed this with Gayle Tzemach Lemmon of the Council on Foreign Relations and retired Col. Ellen Haring of Women in International Security.


Female Veterans: Military Sexual Trauma & Combat Roles – Voice of America – featuring Kayla Williams and Col. Ellen Haring

November 19, 2013: Women like Kayla were successfully serving as imbedded members of combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were being used in ways that clearly violated the intent of the combat exclusion policy. Kayla Williams is a former sergeant and Arabic linguist in a Military Intelligence company of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). Ellen Haring is a colonel in the US Army reserves. She is a senior fellow with Women in International Security where she directs the Combat Integration Initiative project.