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Avgustina Peycheva

Hi! My name is Avgustina Asenova Peycheva. I am 27. I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I have been an intern at the sociological company of Sofia MBMD issm and ,most recently, at the Bulgarian National Assembly, department of international relations, protocols and queries of the Bulgarian chairmanship of the European Council . I have worked as a PR officer at the Sofia international airport. My studies and work are in the sphere of political science, international relations and regional studies. My Bsc is in political science and international relations, rewarded to me by UoL LSE international. My Masters is in Political science in action: campaigning, elections and leadership (political communications), rewarded by the Tel- Aviv University. My PhD is in Political science and regional studies in Moscow University and I will be defending my dissertation titled “Региональное информационное противостояние в современной мировой политике” at MGIMO. I know some Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Bulgarian and English. I am interested, amongst other things, mainly in diplomacy, security and global peace. Have a wonderful year!