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Rachel Sedehi is a Gender and Global Security Program Assistant at WIIS Global. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, with a minor in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality studies at James Madison University.

Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Rachel attended T.C. Williams High School, the school made famous in the movie, Remember the Titans. She was a member of the rowing team for three years, placing in the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championships multiple times and winning the Canadian Secondary Scholastic Rowing championship two years in a row. She then went on to play soccer her senior year. Rachel’s sports career taught her the importance of cooperation and a good work ethic, which extended into her extracurriculars as a tutor at the writing center and her volunteer work in Key Club and Meals on Wheels.

At James Madison University, Rachel began as a Biology major due to her fascination with evolution and biological research but found a new calling in Anthropology. She believes that her major encourages a complex understanding of humanity and the diversity of cultures and helps us navigate a pluralist, multicultural world. Her minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies reflects her growing consciousness of gender inequity and a desire to improve the well-being of marginalized groups. At university, Rachel works at the Archeology lab digitalizing field maps and digging up artifacts. In her spare time, she frequents local coffee shops where she exclusively drinks black iced coffee. And yes, Rachel believes that she is superior for drinking coffee black and has trained for years to be able to enjoy the bitter brew. 

In addition to her love of bitter coffee, Rachel has a passion for travel and spent a month before high school traveling between Spain and France. Both an educational trip and a quintessential coming of age experience, Rachel’s time in Europe sparked her love of travel. Rachel has since traveled to Amsterdam and Montreal and is planning to study abroad at the University of Leicester next year, where the body of Richard III was found. She hopes to continue exploring the world and hopefully, one day see Iran, where her family originated.

Though she’s scared it sounds cheesy, Rachel’s dream is to help people. She plans to work through grassroots development to help empower and build communities and work with families through youth support. At WIIS, Rachel helps with graphic design and social media and is working on a professional development series, the Missing Peace Initiative, and the Index Project. We know that Rachel will be a wonderful addition to the team!

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