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Roksana Verahrami is a Gender and Global Security Program Assistant at WIIS. She is also pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Affairs with a concentration in international development at the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

Roksana's interests in international affairs began with high school government and politics courses. A teacher of hers recommended that she continue on with an international politics class. During her first year at The Elliott School, Roksana became interested in international development. Her undergraduate classes have taught her the importance of comprehensive social development policies, most notably education. At the same time, Roksana began working at the Darfur Women’s Action Group where she got first-hand experience studying genocide and genocide prevention as well as the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. 

To deepen her understanding of international relations, Roksana spent a semester studying international politics, economics and religion at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. With a background in genocide and gender from her previous study and research, Roksana’s experiences have informed her present interests in the intersectionality of race and class, the subversion/ exploitation of traditional gender roles during times of violence, rebellion and war, and the relationship between religious norms and gender roles cross-culturally. She plans to pursue a Master’s degree in international relations, concentrating her research efforts in social development. [/vc_column_text]

Roksana grew up in a family with a mix of Iranian, Indian and American cultures. Her diverse cultural background has contributed to her passions for culture and traveling. g. As a young professional, Roksana has traveled extensively, journeying to Belfast, Kopenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Kraków, among others. She also loves learning how to cook and bake different foods, particularly Indian and Thai foods. 

Roksana grew up in Maryland with her parents and her many dogs. At twenty years old, she has had over seven dogs. Now, Roksana lives with Radar, a seven-year-old German Shepherd, and Oliver, a six-year-old Beagle. Her living experience makes her a caring and warm-hearted working partner at WIIS.

As a program assistant at WIIS, Roksana takes charge of building and executing a sophisticated social media strategy, implementing a mentorship program, sustaining the WIIS Global website, and supporting US chapters and international affiliates. Roksana also contributes to Next Generation Symposium preparations and runs the WIIS Book Club. She is a great asset to the WIIS global team!

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