Catherine (Cathy) Howell is originally from Los Angeles, CA. where she earned a B.A. in Global Studies and a B.A. in Communications. She is interested in the nexus of human rights initiatives and best communication practices among various cultural communities internationally. Her interests lead her to become involved in a human trafficking seminar in Thailand, where she worked with various anti-trafficking nonprofit organizations. Some of her relevant previous work experience involved drafting and editing research materials, websites, and print publications; as well as conducting interviews with the purpose of gathering stories of human interest for establishing policy recommendations.  Immediately before working at WIIS, Cathy worked at the Center for Strategic and International Studies within the External Relations department.  Presently, she is working on her second year capstone research project for her master’s degree in Global Communications with emphasis in Public Diplomacy and Global Gender Policy from the Elliott School of International Affairs at GWU.