MA in Law and Diplomacy

Tufts University, USA

BS in Justice Studies

Westminster College, USA

Dallin Van Leuven is a Program Manager for Search for Common Ground (Search), where he has worked for the past four years. He has researched the drivers of radicalization across the Middle East, led the creation of Search’s CVE guide and training curriculum, and advised on the UN Women-funded research project “Women and Violent Radicalization in Jordan.” Van Leuven has co-authored a number of research studies, including Search’s “Youth and Contentious Politics in Lebanon: Drivers of Marginalization and Radicalization in Tripoli,” and the United Nations Development Programme’s “Kosovo-Wide Assessment of Perceptions of Radicalisation at the Community Level.” He also authored a book chapter on ISIL’s unprecedented use of gendered strategies to recruit foreign men and women, which was published in Foreign Fighters under International Law and Beyond. Van Leuven is a native of the state of Idaho in the United States and currently resides in Rome, Italy.