Mrs. Mekka Abdelgabar is the eminently designated expert when it comes to gender issues in Sudan and in Darfur specifically. She is the founder of the Darfur Women’s Organization in The Netherlands (VOND). VOND is one of the pioneering signatories of the Dutch National Action Plans (NAP). VOND empowers women leaders and young people through different projects.

The working fields which she focuses on are development, peacebuilding and conflict- resolution and mediation. Mekka addresses conflict issues in her belief that women in conflict are the main affected party and therefore have the ability to bring peace. She has successfully set up the first unique women mediation committee in Sudan and contributed to reconciliation of different ongoing conflicts in Darfur. By bringing women to the forefront of decision-making and peacebuilding she has proven that women are indispensable when it comes to peace.