Min Kyriannis has 25+ years in converged, global, information technology, cybersecurity and physical security, as well as risk management across the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia. With her ability to speak multiple languages and love of learning, she loves meeting and listening to new people to gain their perspective. Ms. Kyriannis is passionate about empowering women and the less represented groups to have a platform to speak and develop.

Ms. Kyriannis is serving as the cybersecurity and technology business development lead at JB&B. She is focused on promoting cybersecurity, security and technology as an integral part of all building technology systems as well as collaborating and developing relationships with key members of their organizations to ensure systems are designed with security in mind.

She also serves as Chair of SIA’s Cybersecurity Advisory Board and Vice-Chair of SIA’s New Product Showcase and sits on the Advisory Board for SecuritySpecifiers. In 2019, she received the Platinum Award for “Excellence in Cybersecurity” by the Astors Homeland Security Awards.