Dr. Paula Kibbelaar was the founding dean, associate professor and lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) at the University of Aruba (UA) (2009-2013).  Currently she works as a lecturer, researcher and policy worker at the the Aruban Teacher Training College (www.ipa.aw) within the context of Kingdom of the Netherlands applying sustainable inclusive development as a perspective. She has implemented this perspective within the IPA’s curricula and as tool for sustainable learning and education for her projects and lectures at the IPA. Previously, she worked for several Dutch ministries, the Dutch Employers organization De Baak VNO-NCW, and other organizations in the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles (Curaçao).  Dr Kibbelaar obtained her PhD in social Sciences in 2005 at the University of Utrecht at the Utrecht School for Governance (REBO or USG) and she is an interdisciplinary social science researcher. Her research interests include Latin American and Dutch Caribbean Island studies; women’s and ethnic studies (gender diversity); organization (corporate diversity) and governance research and development studies. She was chair of the foundation Weconnect Aruba. She is currently also member of the Gender Steering Committee for the Development of a Gender Policy in Aruba for the office of the Prime Minister of Aruba.