WIIS Cybersecurity Study Guide

The WIIS Cybersecurity, & Technology Study Guide is comprised of original WIIS Blogs, WIIS Policy Briefs, and other forms of unique content from a myriad of sources such as Podcasts, Reports, Journal Articles, and more; focusing on topics such as: Cyber Warfare, the Internet of Things, Big Data Issues, Military Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

The Study Guide will be released weekly throughout Fall 2020 in a series of Units focused on different topics and issues. The Study Guide Units will be composed of resources across academia, government, and non-government orgs in the public and private sectors including, but not limited to, journal articles, WIIS publications, podcasts, and reports. The topics will be exhaustively researched to compile as much information as possible. Additionally, particular attention will be given to finding resources with a gender perspective on the topics. WIIS will provide a brief summary, definitions of terms, objects, and phrases in the Unit, an overview of the gender component and discussion questions for each Unit. 

Meet the Decoding Cybersecurity and Technology Team!

Maeve Murphy

Maeve Murphy is the creative director of the WIIS Cybersecurity & Technology project. Maeve oversees the creative direction of the project, manages content, and is the primary contributor to the main project initiatives such as the Study Guide, WIIS Blog submissions, and content curation. Maeve brings her background in international affairs, intersectionality, gender inclusivity in peace processes, warfare, and identity and peace processes to the project. Her inspiration for this project came in March 2020 when the WIIS office went completely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and began to focus on virtual security measures for the office. In light of the ‘new normal’ Maeve recognized the need for a broader understanding of the cybersecurity realm, and, using her skills and expertise, is focused on bringing an intersectional approach to this field.

Kayla McGill

Kayla is the policy mind behind the WIIS Cybersecurity and Technology project. Kayla contributes her background in gender analysis, data gathering, and understanding of a feminist analysis of international security issues to the project. She also contributes her experience working with and consulting various US government agencies and international organizations on the topics of gender, terrorism, culture and warfare, and on data collection, retention, and use. Using her expertise in research, data analysis and policy writing, Kayla is contributing to the Cybersecurity Study Guide, as well as contributing to the forthcoming Cybersecurity & Technology PolicyBrief.

Roksana Verahrami

Roksana is the research powerhouse that drives the WIIS Cybersecurity and Technology project. She is the primary contributor to the Cybersecurity Study Guide index and resource page. Her organizational prowess and thoroughness have supported the project and the team. Roksana has also continued to provide excellent technical support in helping to build the Decoding Cybersecurity and Technology web platform. In addition to her key role as the team leader for communications, Roksana brings her background in research, international affairs, peacebuilding, and knowledge of personal data security to the project.