What is the Blue Book?

The WIIS Blue Book is a roster for female experts in the field of national and international security that are available for service on Governing Boards of Think Tanks and other Non-Profit Organizations. WIIS launched the Blue Book in response to the underrepresentation of women in DC Think Tanks exhibited by the WIIS Gender Scorecard: Washington, DC Think Tanks 2018. The Gender Scorecard presented data on the gender balance of 22 major DC think tanks that work on foreign policy and national and international security issues. It revealed that on average, women made up only 27% of governing boards of DC think tanks.

How can I apply for the Blue Book?

You can apply to be part of the Blue Book by filling out the form here.

The criteria to be considered is as following:

  • You must be a WIIS member
  • You must be in the field of international or national security
  • You must have at least 10 years of professional experience in either of these fields

WIIS aims to promote diversity through all its programs, including the Blue Book. We encourgae everyone to apply. 

How is the Blue Book curated?

The Blue Book is curated by a WIIS committee. They deliberate based upon the criteria mentioned above.

How can I view the Blue Book?

To view the Blue Book, you must be an Institutional Member. Institutional Members have access to the Blue Book throughout their membership.

Both WIIS members and non-WIIS members are able to purchase a one-week access to the Blue Book for a one-time fee of $500.  You can purchase access through the button below.

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Please direct any further questions to [email protected]