Welcome to the WIIS Resource Page! Here you will find a list of resources curated by the WIIS team about gender and international security. This list includes both academic and non-academic resources in order to bring a diverse perspective to this subject.

If you would like to submit a source, please email [email protected]. We encourage all sources on gender, international security, and WPS in both English, non-English, Western and non-Western.

Introduction to Sex and Gender

Books and Papers

Butler, Judith. Undoing Gender. Routledge, 2009.

Butler, Judith.Bodies That Matter: on the Discursive Limits of “Sex”. Routledge, 2015.

Crenshaw, K. (1995). Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence against Women of Color in After Identity: A Reader in Law and Culture ed. Dan Danielsen and Karen Engle. New York: Routledge. pp. 332-354.

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Lorde, A. (1984). Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches New York: Crossing Press.

Perkins-Gilman, C. (1915). Herland New York: The Forerunner.

Films and Documentaries

Dore, M. (2014). She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

Newsom, J.L. (2011). Miss Representation


Gender and International Affairs

Books and Papers

Anonymous. (2000). A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City Frankfurt: Eichborn AG.

Carver, T. (2014). ” Men and Masculinities in International Relations Research Brown Journal of World Affairs 21, 113-126.

Cockburn, Cynthia. (2004). The Continuum of Violence: A Gender Perspective on War and Peace in Wenona Giles and Jennifer Hyndman (eds) Sites of Violence: Gender and Conflict Zones. Los Angeles: University of California Press.

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de Volo, L. B. ,& Hall, L. K. (2015). I Wish All the Ladies Were Holes in the Road”: The US Air Force Academy and the Gendered Continuum of Violence Signs 40(4), 865-889.

Duncanson, C., & Woodward, R. (2016). Regendering the military: Theorizing women’s military participationSecurity Dialogue 47(1), 3-21.

Enloe, C. (2014). Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics Berkeley: University of California Press.

Eriksson Baaz, M. and M. Stern. (2009). Why Do Soldiers Rape? Masculinity, Violence and Sexuality in the Armed Forces in the Congo (DRC). International Studies Quarterly 53(2), 495-518.

Ghodsee, K. (2018). Why Women Have Better Sex under Socialism: And Other Arguments for Economic Independence. New York: Nation Books.

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Patel, B. (2017). Depicting Female Suicide Bombers: Understanding the Radicalization Process Champaign, IL: Common Ground Research Networks. (WIIS member)

Peterson V. (2004)> Feminist Theories Within, Invisible To, and Beyond IR.The Brown Journal of World Affairs, 10(2), 35-46.

Prescott, Jody M (2020). Moving from Gender Analysis to Risk Analysis of Failing to Consider Gender. The RUSI Journal

Prescott, Jody (2020). Gender Blindness in US Doctrine. Parameters 50 (4)

Swaine, A. (2016). Enabling or Disabling Paternalism: (In)attention to Gender and Women’s Knowledge, Capacity and Authority in Humanitarian Contexts in Paternalism Beyond Borders ed. Michael N. Barnett. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Tickner, J. (1997). You Just Don’t Understand: Troubled Engagements between Feminists and IR Theorists. International Studies Quarterly, 41,(4) 611-632.

Tickner, J. (1999). “Why Women Can’t Run the World: International Politics according to Francis Fukuyama. International Studies Review, 1(3), 3-11.

Young, I.M. (2003). The Logic of Masculinist Protection: Reflections on the Current Security State Signs: Journal of Women, Culture and Society 29(2), 1-25.

Newspaper Articles

Interview Her.

Sultan, M. (4 June 2019). I Met the Taliban. Women Were the First to Speak New York Times

Films and Documentaries

PBS. (2019). Women, War & Peace II

Guggenheim, D. (2015). He Named Me Malala


International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN). What the Women Say Policy Briefs

Wilson Center. Global Women’s Leadership Initiative



Women, Peace, and Security

Books and Papers

Best, R. H., Shair-Rosenfield, S., & Wood, R. M. (2019). Legislative Gender Diversity and the Resolution of Civil Conflict. Political Research Quarterly, 72(1), 215–228.

Cohn, C. (Eds). (2013). Women and Wars: Contested Histories, Uncertain Futures Polity Press.

Davies, S.E. & True, J. (2019). Oxford Handbook on Women, Peace and Security Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Edwards, Nico (2021). Women, Peace and… Continued Militarism? Revisiting UNSCR 1325 and Its African Roots. E-International Relations.

Estrada Metell, A. (2020). Gender Equality – the Key to Conflict Resolution? : A Quantitative Study of How Gender Equality in Rebel Groups Affect the Likelihood of Peace (Dissertation).

Estrada Metell, A. (2020). Gender Equality – the Key to Conflict Resolution? : A Quantitative Study of How Gender Equality in Rebel Groups Affect the Likelihood of Peace (Dissertation).

Gunda Werner Institut, Medica Mondiale, CARE, Deutscher Frauenrat, Owen, UN Women, Frauen Netzwerk Fur Frieden, Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, the Canaan Project, Deutscher Frauenring e.v. (7 March 2019) German government treading on dangerous ground in the UN Security Council: Planned new resolution threatens to weaken the Women, Peace and Security Agenda Berlin.

Ní Aoláin, Fionnuala. (2016) The ‘war on terror’ and extremism: assessing the relevance of the Women, Peace and Security agenda International Affairs, 92, 2, 275-291.

Olonisakin, F., Barnes, K., & Ikpe, E. (Eds). (2010). Women, Peace and Security: Translating Policy into Practice Routledge.

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True, J. (2016). ‘ Explaining the global diffusion of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, International Political Science Review, 37, 3, 307-323.


Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Seeking Peace

Mojo News and Monash Gender, Peace and Security CentreThe Peace and Gender Podcast

The London School of Economics and Political Science Centre for Women Peace and Security Podcast.

UN Gender Focus

War on the Rocks. Bombshell

Newspaper Articles

Borger, J. (25 Oct. 2018). Trump administration wants to remove ‘gender’ from UN human rights documents London. The Guardian

Borger, J. (22 April 2019). US threatens to veto UN resolution on rape as a weapon of war, officials say London. The Guardian

Courtois, L., De Wilde, R., Feely, G., & Walker, M. (13 Feb. 2019). The month in Women, Peace and Security: January 2019 Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Mhajne, A. (29 April 2019). Weak UN resolution exposes conflict between sexual violence survivors’ needs and political ideology The Defense Post.


Council on Foreign Relations. Women’s Roles in Peace Processes

Council on Foreign Relations. Women’s Workplace Equality Index

US Civil Society Working Group on Women, Peace and Security. Advancing Women, Peace and Security

George Washington University: Gender Equality Initiative in International Affairs. Women, Peace, Security, and Development Bibliography

Georgetown Institute of Women, Peace and Security. WPS Index



Policy Documents

Women, Peace, and Security – UN Documents

UNSCR 1325 (2000)

UNSCR 1820(2008)

UNSCR 1888(2009)

UNSCR 1889(2009)

UNSCR 1960(2010)

UNSCR 2106(2013)

UNSCR 2122(2013)

UNSCR 2242(2015)

UNSCR 2467 (2019)

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

Introduction to CEDAW

CEDAW (1979)

CEDAW General Recommendation No. 30 (2013)

National Action Plans

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Member States (National Action Plans)

The US National Action Plan (2011)

The US National Action Plan (2016)

USIP Women, Peace and Security and US Policy Report. (2018)


International Gender Champions. (2018). IGC Annual Report




Feminist Activism and Social Justice

Books and Papers

Dobrowolsky, A. (2008). “The Women’s Movement in Flux: Feminism and Framing, Passion, and Politics. In SMITH M. (Ed.), Group Politics and Social Movements in Canada (pp. 159-180). University of Toronto Press.

Evans, Elizabeth & Chamberlain, Prudence (2015). >Critical Waves: Exploring Feminist Identity, Discourse and Praxis in Western Feminism, Social Movement Studies, 14(4), 396-409, DOI: 10.1080/14742837.2014.964199

hooks, bell (2015). Feminism is for everybody : passionate politics. Cambridge, MA :South End Press,

Nash, J. C. (2008). Re-Thinking Intersectionality. Feminist Review, 89(1), 1–15.


Crenshaw, Kimberlé. Intersectionality Matters!

Harvard Business Review. Women at Work

Mother Jones. The Mother Jones Podcast

Mckesson, DeRay. Pod Save the People

Slate Magazine. The Waves: Gender, Relationships, Feminism



Gender and American Politics

Books and Papers

Dittmar, Kelly, Kira Sanbonmatsu, and Susan J. Carrol. (2018). A Seat at the Table: Congresswomen’s Perspectives on Why Their Presence Matters. New York: Oxford University Press.

Dittmar, Kelly. (2019). Unfinished Business: Women Running in 2018 and Beyond. Center for American Women and Politics,Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Dolan, Kathleen. (2014). When Does Gender Matter? Women Candidates and Gender Stereotypes in American Elections. New York: Oxford University Press.

Krook, Mona Lena and Sarah Childs. (2010). Women, Gender, and Politics: A Reader. Oxford. Oxford University Press.

Sanbonmatsu, Kira. (2015.) “Electing Women of Color: The Role of Campaign Trainings.” Journal of Women, Politics, & Policy. 36 (2): 137‐160


Sullivan, Margaret. (2019). “How sexist will the media’s treatment of female candidates be? Rule out ‘not at all.’” The Washington Post. 17 February.

Kaplan, Jenny. Women Belong in the House

Newspaper Articles