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In a time of dynamic change and critical challenges in international peace and security, a key component of leadership is missing from all sectors: the voices of women.  Together we can change this picture of our shared future.

Yes, women have made tremendous strides, yet they are represented at only a fraction of their numbers in the top echelons of foreign policy and security.  For every high-profile woman in the field, there are hundreds more losing traction and with it, influence. The diverse voices and skills that women bring to peace processes and peace and security policymaking are being lost because of structural deficiencies and more subtle forces in workplaces, at negotiation tables, and decision-making forums of the international security field.

Women need opportunities to learn and be inspired by innovative leadership approaches, a means of changing the institutional structures in which they work, and powerful advocacy for change.  Women cite gaps in leadership development, mentorship and sponsorship, and work-life balance options as top concerns in the quest for advancement.

WIIS has taken on this challenge. For over twenty years, WIIS has provided a unique forum for sharing expertise, making connections, and enhancing professional growth.  WIIS offers access to a growing global community of mentors and experts, professional development resources and support, as well as analyses on gender and women’s representation. Since its founding in 1987, WIIS has grown into a network of over 7,000 individuals and partner organizations who share a strong commitment to supporting our mission.

Sustained financial support from WIIS members and leaders is vital for WIIS to continue this indispensable work!

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