U.S. Civil Society Working Group on Women, Peace and Security Release Video

written by On April 13, 2018 in WIIS Blog, Women Peace & Security

The U.S. Civil Society Working Group on Women, Peace, and Security (U.S. CSWG) recently released a video on their overall mission and the 2017 Global Forum on Preventing Violent Extremism.

The U.S. CSWG is a non-partisan network of civil society organizations with years of experience working on the issues involving women, war, and peace. The group serves as a bridge between national policymakers and women peace builders who work on the ground.

In 2017, the group invited more than 20 leaders to exchange lessons and best practices in the women, peace and security agenda. They also connected with policymakers to increase greater awareness and understanding on how women can play a role in countering violent extremism.