Ukraine and the 4 Ms: McCain, Mearsheimer, Motyl, and Merkel

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By Elizabeth Pond

In a two part series, “What Next for Ukraine?” and “A Farewell to Arms?,” Elizabeth Pond evaluates two opposing trends of analysis regarding the situation in Ukraine: Alexander Motyl and Angela Merkel vs. John McCain and John Mearsheimer. She argues that Motyl and Merkel believe Russia is losing the battle, which gives hope to a diplomatic solution and the de-escalation of Russian aggression. McCain and Mearsheimer’s analysis lacks such hope. In “What Next for Ukraine?,” Pond dives into the details and delineates the differences between McCain and Mearcheimer’s positions, and she does the same for Motyl and Merkel in “A Farewell to Arms?.”

Find the original postings here:

What Next for Ukraine?

A Farewell to Arms?

Elizabeth Pond is a journalist based in Berlin and the author of several books about Germany, Europe and the Balkans. They include “Beyond the Wall: Germany’s Road to Unification” (Brookings Institution)

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