Name of Chapter or AffiliateWIIS France
Type of UpdateEvent
TitleWomen, Gender and Conflict
Time12:00 PM
LocationUniversité Panthéon Assas - Salle des Assises Paris
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Event Description

Women, Gender and Armed Conflict Conference - 25 November

"Where are the women in international relations?" asked Cynthia Enloe, a pioneer of the feminist approach to international politics, in 1990 in her landmark book "Bananas, Beaches and Bases. Making Feminist Sense of International Politics". Thirty years down the line and twenty years after the adoption of the United Nations resolution 1325, WIIS France, AEGES and the Centre Thucydide (University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas) are joining forces for a half-day of exchanges and meetings on the occasion of the "Women, Gender and Armed Conflicts" conference on 25 November 2021. What does the feminist approach do to the social sciences and to the study of war and peace? How does international law protect women in times of conflict and sanction sexual violence? What place do they have today in conflict resolution processes? Speakers will attempt to answer these questions.

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