The WIIS Blue Book is a roster for female experts in the field of national and international security that are available for service on Governing Boards of Think Tanks and other Non-Profit Organizations.

To be listed in the Blue Book, WIIS seeks members who have the experience, passion, and a strong desire to commit their skills and talents to further the goals of nonprofit, advocacy and policy organizations. The Blue Book is intended to further WIIS’s mission of advancing the role of women in the national and international security field.

WIIS launched the Blue Book in response to the underrepresentation of women in DC Think Tanks exhibited by the WIIS Gender Scorecard findings, released September 2018. The Gender Scorecard presented data on the gender balance of 22 major DC thinks tanks that work on foreign policy and national and international security issues. It revealed that on average, women made up only 27% of Governing Boards of Washington, DC Think Tanks.

The Blue Book will be curated by a WIIS Committee.

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 Name Country Professional Work Experience Willing To Raise Money
Monica ToftUnited States15-20 YearsYes
Catherine LutzUnited States20-25 YearsYes
Julia SantucciAfghanistan10-15 YearsYes
Patricia KimUnited States10-15 YearsYes
chiara parolinItaly10-15 YearsYes
Pamela AallUnited States25+ YearsYes
Jacqueline TameUnited States10-15 YearsYes
 Name Country Professional Work Experience Willing To Raise Money