First NameRosarie
Last NameTucci
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Address37 T street, NW, Unit A
Country of ResidenceUnited States
U.S. State (if you reside in the USA)District of Columbia
City of ResidenceWashington
Phone Number631-897-7494
Race & Ethnicity
  • White / European
Gender IdentityFemale
Current EmployerUS Institute of Peace
Are you willing to raise money for your organization?Yes
Professional Work Experience15-20 Years
Describe a professional or volunteer experience that you feel qualifies yourself for service on a board:

Having worked in several government organizations from the White House, to USAID, and now USIP, I have established a broad network of contacts, and not only believe in the critical role of relationship building, but enjoy it as part of my everyday personal and professional life. In the past two years, I have helped to establish USIP in a number of important communities of practice by advancing mutual interests -- considering how we can best contribute to these practices and how they can advance USIP's mission and goals at the same time. In addition, I thrive on thinking outside the box and finding creative paths to execute on our mission. In today's challenging time, we may have to think differently, adjust our approach along the way, and also learn from our failures if we want to continue to grow and advance our work. In this regard, I have been examining in much greater detail the concept of "strategic and smart inclusion" -- exploring ways in which we can navigate "resistance" to inclusion and be better equipped to achieve the long-term vision of equity and equality for all.

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