First NameDeborah
Last NameAvant
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Address3408 Tejon Street
Country of ResidenceUnited States
U.S. State (if you reside in the USA)Colorado
City of ResidenceDenver
Phone Number301-233-2016
Race & Ethnicity
  • White / European
Gender IdentityFemale
Current EmployerJosef Korbel School, University of Denver
Are you willing to raise money for your organization?Yes
Professional Work Experience20-25 Years
Describe a professional or volunteer experience that you feel qualifies yourself for service on a board:

I have founded three research centers at three different universities, founded the International Studies Association's newest journal, and participated on boards for all of the professional societies I belong to. // I read this question as fundraising for my organization, i.e., the school that I lead? If so, the answer is yes. We are in the midst of finalizing campaign strategy. If the question refers to fundraising for WIIS, then I’m not sure—depends on both organizations’ policy on conflict of interest.

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