First NameVirginia
Last NameHaufler
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Address9001 Saffron Ln
Country of ResidenceUnited States
U.S. State (if you reside in the USA)Maryland
City of ResidenceSilver Springs
Phone Number301-562-9265
Race & Ethnicity
  • White / European
Gender IdentityFemale
Current EmployerUniversity of Maryland College Park
Are you willing to raise money for your organization?Yes
Professional Work Experience20-25 Years
Describe a professional or volunteer experience that you feel qualifies yourself for service on a board:

I have worked closely with non-profits in the past, and have experience serving on boards. This includes time as an officer of the non-profit Women in International Security; many years on the board of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, a prominent think tank in Germany; and advisory positions to two start-up non-profits/ think tanks. In all of these positions, I was able to combine my academic expertise and managerial experience. I led strategic planning exercises, oversaw budget matters, advised on personnel, and actively worked on fundraising for the organizations.

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