First NameDeepa
Last NameOllapally
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Address6212 Clearwood Road
Country of ResidenceUnited States
U.S. State (if you reside in the USA)Maryland
City of ResidenceBethesda
Phone Number240-506-5873
Race & Ethnicity
  • Asian
Gender IdentityFemale
Current EmployerGeorge Washington University
Are you willing to raise money for your organization?Yes
Professional Work Experience25+ Years
Describe a professional or volunteer experience that you feel qualifies yourself for service on a board:

Over a two year period during 2011-2013, I hosted and moderated four high-level debates that brought together scholars, government officials and public intellectuals representing a spectrum of opinion on security and foreign economic policies from four major countries—China, India, Japan and Russia. I won over $600,000 in funding for this project from Carnegie Corporation with the objective of introducing a diverse set of foreign policy views from rising powers to Washington D.C. The respective country-by-country conferences over the two years had to be skillfully crafted and implemented. It required enormous sensitivity and persuasiveness to form the right group of individuals in every session, and then to thoughtfully and effectively moderate the session comprising individuals whose perspectives clashed. I assembled a team of half dozen colleagues at George Washington University and elsewhere to advise and assist in this endeavor. The success of this project, including the publication of a book by Oxford University Press, remains one of my foremost personal and professional accomplishments. It exemplifies my deep foreign policy expertise as well as leadership skills.

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