Women In International Security

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We Are Women In International Security

Women In International Security (WIIS—pronounced WISE) is a non-governmental organization that champions gender equality by helping women advance as leaders in the international peace and security sector.

We are Making a Difference

Our programs are creating transformational change in the gender and international peace and security field. Our approach is global, because today’s security challenges transcend borders; collaborative to advance common solutions; and evidence-driven to implement sustainable policy outcomes that strengthen and safeguard global peace and security.

Women, Peace & Security

We are advancing the WPS agenda to resolve complex security problems and drive positive change.

Next Generation Scholars

Our global mentorship and training program builds bridges and empowers individuals to work in gender and global security.

Feminist Foreign Policy

Gender-equal societies are more stable and peaceful. Feminist foreign policy can be a powerful tool to achieve peace and security.

Regional & Collective Security

We seek better solutions by engaging voices that give us different ways of understanding gender and security across the globe.

Conflict & Gender-Based Violence

Our research focuses on understanding the links between gender inequality and instability, violence, and conflict.

Women in Defense & Security

We believe integrating a gendered perspective in defense organizations and promoting women’s advancement strengthens our national security.

Climate Security

The world’s climate crisis requires rethinking security in ecological terms, supporting resilient ecosystems, and reducing gendered inequalities.

Arms Control & Disarmament

We bring diverse voices and perspectives into debates on the control and disarmament of weapons that threaten global peace and security.

Technology & Gender

We believer rapid technological innovation should reduce vulnerabilities, support diversity, drive equality, and reduce security threats.

Global Health Security

Combating regional and global pandemics requires action to reduce gender inequalities, empower new voices, and build resilience against future crises.

Be A Part Of The Change

Women need opportunities to learn, be inspired, become powerful leaders, and create change from deep within inequitable institutional structures. This is why we created the WIIS global network—a membership group advocating for gender equality and the advancement of women in international peace and security.

How We’re Making An Impact

We provide professional development opportunities, conduct research, gender, and policy analysis, hold timely events, and nurture a community of powerful mentors, advocates, experts, and leaders.

Over 35-year history in international peace and security

15,000 members
and growing

Network of partners
in 50 countries

Hear It From Our Community

“Without WIIS’ support and inspiration, I would have never had the career I’ve had in international security.”
Michèle Flournoy Former U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
“WIIS has provided me a platform to connect with fellow scholars and practitioners and where I can use my field experience.”
Grace Ndirangu PhD Candidate/Humanitarian Aid Worker, Kenya
“WIIS has been a powerful voice for women’s leadership in the pursuit of international peace and justice.”
Ambassador Donald Steinberg Mobilizing Men as Partners for Women, Peace and Security
“When WIIS started, I had no idea that its reach would grow around the world. Now a new generation of women reaps the benefits from being part of the WIIS global family.”
Rose Gottemoeller Former Deputy Secretary-General of NATO
“WIIS is THE authority in DC in analyzing and highlighting the gender dimension of security policy and a key partner for Liechtenstein.”
Ambassador Georg Sparber Ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein to the U.S.
"WIIS provided opportunities, examples, and friendships that helped me develop as a professional, a colleague, and a person."
Dr. Esther D. Brimmer Former U.S Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs
“WIIS has been an important and effective venue for networking, and it has had a significant impact.”
Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky Former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs
“Through WIIS, I have been able to translate scholarly research into policy and programmatic work aligned to my current job experience.”
Dr. Pearl Karuhanga Atuhaire UN Women, Liberia
“The experiences, learnings, and connections forged during the WIIS Next Generation Symposium have made me academically ‘WIIS-er’ and intellectually deeper.”
Smita Singh Committee on External Affairs, Parliament of India
“WIIS amplifies the voices of women working on security issues and fosters the relationships for those women to speak for themselves.”
Dr. Shannon Zimmerman Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, Australia
“Joining WIIS is helpful for one’s career because it opens the spaces for different and at times challenging opinions.”
Ana Laura Velasco Research Associate, University of Bremen
"WIIS opened doors to friendships, mentors, confidence, and skills that continue to buoy and connect me."
Ambassador Laura Holgate U.S. Ambassador to the UN International Organizations in Vienna and to the International Atomic Energy Agency
Integrating Gender Perspectives in the U.S. Global Fragility Act: Innovation and Implementation Gender Mainstreaming
Deploying Feminism: The Role of Gender in NATO Military Operations Gender Mainstreaming
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