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Arms Control & Disarmament

The discourse and political context around nuclear weapons, non-proliferation, and disarmament are profoundly gendered. WIIS frames a new approach that challenges deep assumptions about masculinity and the power structures that shape nuclear security policy and seeks innovative ways of integrating gender perspectives in the nuclear field.

Women and Weapons

WIIS promotes research on women’s roles in arms control and disarmament, works to highlight the disproportionate impact of weapons on women, and develops frameworks for practitioners to bring gender perspectives into arms control and disarmament treaties and negotiations.

Gender Assessments

Limited gender analyses and poor institutional representation continue to hinder gender advancement in the nuclear and non-nuclear weapons fields. WIIS conducts research designed to assess progress in prioritizing gender integration and a commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion in institutions, programs, or fields of research in the international peace and security sector.

Gender Champions in Nuclear Security

As a Gender Champion in Nuclear Policy, WIIS is committed to increasing women’s representation in the nuclear security field. It builds policy to practice through its global network, professional development programs, and publications and outreach activities.

Disarmament and Small Arms

Illicit arms trade feeds armed violence, which disrupts communities and affects women, men, children, and marginalized groups differently. More women with decision-making authority and a gender approach will develop sustainable interventions for controlling small arms flows.