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Climate Security

The connection between gender, climate change, and security is complex and multifaceted. Countries struggling with conflict are less able to cope with the effects of climate change. WIIS analyzes how women, children, and marginalized groups face growing insecurity because of these dynamics to identify avenues for empowering women to become agents of change and adaptation.

Climate & Conflict

Climate change is a “threat multiplier” that can exacerbate existing inequalities, deepen state fragility, and fuel violent conflict. The WIIS global working group on climate security investigates the central role gender plays in climate-conflict dynamics.

Food and Resource Insecurity

Conflict is also fed by pressures on critical resources. WIIS looks at how gender can drive solutions in different contexts—urban and rural, land and water—to build community resilience and ensure women’s engagement in the process.

Migration & Refugees

WIIS explores the intersection of climate, migration, and security from a gender perspective to identify the drivers of gender inequality and support women not as victims but as powerful catalysts for innovative and adaptive solutions.