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Technology & Gender

The multi-faceted link between gender and technology grows increasingly complex alongside the rapid development and deployment of new forms of technology. Technology can both be a tool for advancing gender equality and a weapon to uphold harmful gender norms.

Addressing Gender and Diversity Gaps in the Technology Sector

Diverse voices are imperative when it comes to responding to cyber threats. Women and marginalized groups must participate at every level of the design, development, and deployment of new technologies to ensure that technology is a force for positive change.

Combatting Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence and Disinformation

Combatting technology-facilitated gender-based violence (TFGBV) and gendered disinformation is a foreign policy and national security imperative. WIIS’ research focuses on initiatives that can prevent, protect, and actively deter TFGBV so women’s voices are not silenced.

The Future of Technology: Fostering the Next Generation Leaders

The WIIS Future of Technology initiative is a private-public partnership addressing the gender and diversity gap in the technology sector, regarding the human resources and design, development, and deployment of new technologies.