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Our Approach

The need for greater gender equality, diversity, and inclusion of women in the peace and security field are uncontested. And yet, more than two decades since the UN’s first landmark Security Council Resolution on Women, Peace & Security (1325), many obstacles to the meaningful implementation of gender equality in the peace and security field persist.

As a learning organization, WIIS is dedicated to finding solutions through its mission advancing gender equality and leadership opportunities for women in international peace and security.

We meet that need by bridging research to action and providing expertise and training in the implementation of the Women, Peace, and Security agenda. WIIS takes an inclusive and intersectional approach that informs all aspects of what we do.

And we interact with a global audience and experts on gender and security issues through our programs, publications, training, and our investment in people—in our WIIS members, fellows, scholars, staff, and a young generation of scholars and practitioners committed to peaceful change.

Our approach combines promoting young talent and leadership opportunities, building global connections, and providing a platform to showcase innovation and talent.


Mentoring young and talented scholars and practitioners on gender and security result in their securing leadership positions at the highest levels of public and private service.

Our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion leads to more creative ideas and intersectional approaches to gender and security.

Our evidence-based research and assessment and training program, can yield workable solutions to complex security matters and their gendered impacts.

Nurturing our global community of members strengthens our ability to help build a more peaceful and prosperous world.