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Global Network

Connect with our 15,000 members to advance your career at any stage.

Jobs Board

Find information on employment opportunities, internships, fellowships and grants.

Exclusive Events

See information on upcoming events.

Speaker’s Bureau

Find qualified speakers and experts open to media requests.

Member Resources

Access exclusive career and professional development resources.

Mentorship Opportunities

Support others in the field by finding and connecting with a mentor or mentee.

Membership Types

WIIS Young Professional | WIIS Professional Plus (+) | WIIS Institutional

Young Professional:

$50/ Annually

Students can join for a discounted price of $35.00/ year. To receive this discount, sign up through this link. 

  • Access our membership portal to create a profile featuring your publications and accomplishments and to network with other members
  • Seek career advancement through the WIIS Job Board, with employment opportunities, fellowships, grants, and more
  • Learn from and mingle with fellow leaders at events in Washington, D.C., the U.S., and worldwide
  • Elevate your career by publishing op-eds, essays, policy briefs, and articles on the WIIS blog
  • Participate in our mentorship program, to learn from seasoned experts to help pave the way for success
  • Access exclusive professional development resources
  • Explore exclusive discounts offered to WIIS members on events, conferences, books and more

Professional Plus (+) Membership

$100.00 /Annually

All the benefits included in the Young Professional membership and:

  • Submit panel & speakers ideas for WIIS events
  • Gain visibility as an expert by securing media interviews through our Speaker’s Bureau
  • Participate in high-level policy discussions as a panelist
  • Start a WIIS Chapter or Affiliate
  • Support the next generation of leaders by becoming a mentor

Institutional Memberships

*Pricing varies per organization type, structure and size

WIIS Institutions & Partners 

WIIS offers institutional memberships and partnerships, globally, to various types of organizations dedicated to advancing women’s leadership and supporting research surrounding gender, peace, and security. These include Universities, Think-tanks, and Non-Profit Organizations.

Institutional membership ensures access to benefits for employees, staff/faculty, and students within a member organization. Institutional members within the United States are established as WIIS Chapters, and internationally, as WIIS Affiliates

WIIS provides our partner organizations’ staff, faculty, and students unlimited access to WIIS memberships, allowing them to join WIIS at no additional cost to the individual.

Establishing institutional membership varies in process, and pricing, per member structure, and size. Please contact WIIS’ Senior Manager for Programs and Partnerships, Roksana Verahrami, at [email protected] more information on institutional membership.

“I first learned of WIIS when I was a young naval officer and graduate student at the University of Maryland. Being a part of WIIS has been an important and inspirational part of my professional growth throughout my career.”

– Dr. Karin Warner, Founder & President, WIIS Pitt