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2017 Cohort

Assessing the State of the Gender, Peace, and Security Agenda

WIIS hosted the first Next Generation Symposium in 2017. Participants were selected through an international competition in which over 400 Master’s and Ph.D. students competed for 25 positions.


The 25 participants were selected from many different regions around the world, including Africa, North America, Europe, South, and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and Australia.

The four-day Next Generation Symposium took place November 13-16, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Over the course of the four days, participants examined international security challenges from a gender perspective and discussed recent trends in research. They also participated in professional development and skills workshops as they met with members of the U.S. government, international organizations, NGOs, and think tanks.



An overview of the Next Generation Symposium participants:

  • Gender: 20 participants were women, and 5 were men.
  • Education: 21 participants were pursuing or had recently completed, their Ph.D., and 4 were current or recent Master’s students
  • Age Range: Participation in the Symposium was limited to young leaders between the ages of 24 and 40. Four participants were ages 24-29, 16 were ages 30-35, and 5 were ages 36-40
  • Regional Representation: Six participants were from Africa and from North America, 5 from Europe and from South or Southeast Asia, 2 from the Middle East and North Africa, and 1 from Australia

Julio C. Alvarado

Pearl Karuhanga Atuhaire

Ava Patricia Avila

Ibrahim Bahati

Phoebe Donnelly

Jennifer Philippa Eggert

Weronika Grzebalska

Umm-E Habiba

Dina Hussein

Urban Jakša

Katelyn Jones

Jocelyn Kelly

Hamoon Khelghat-Doost

Mwanga Mastullah Ashah

Sayed Mahdi Mosawi

Janakan Muthukumar

Carolyne Wambui Njihia

Grace Nyambura Ndirangu

Mohamed Osman Muhumed

Farhana Rahman

Velomahanina T. Razakamaharavo

Luisa Ryan

Somaye Sarvarzade

Leah Sherwood

Barbara Trojanowska

Hannah Wright

Shannon Zimmerman