Submission Requirements

Thank you for your interest in publishing with WIIS. WIIS publishes policy-relevant research on current and emerging issues in the gender, peace, and security field.

WIIS Publications

  • WIIS Policy Brief
    • A WIIS Policy Brief outlines an evidence-based and policy-relevant topic in a current policy debate and provides implications or actionable recommendations to support the proposed solutions.
  • WIIS Perspectives
    • The WIIS Perspectives blog provides insights and new perspectives on topics exploring the impact of gender on international security issues.
  • WIIS New Voices
    • The WIIS New Voices blog focuses on contributions from WIIS members on campuses and universities across the globe.
  • WIIS Occasional Papers
    • WIIS Occasional Papers offer a more in-depth analysis of gendered dimensions of international peace and security topics

Submission Requirements

  • Authors must certify that submissions are not under review, in part or in whole, by any other publication nor previously copyrighted and published.
  • Authors must confirm that submissions hold to high levels of academic excellence and integrity.
  • Submission to WIIS implies that the author(s) have read and agreed to its content and that the submission is solely the work of the author(s) and not plagiarized.
  • All submissions must conform to the WIIS Style Guideline that generally follows the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines. Authors must cite all outside work and sources, either as footnotes or as hyperlinks. The submitted proposal may be returned to the author if WIIS style guidelines have not been applied. A copy of the WIIS Style Guideline is available in the Resources section below.
  • WIIS retains the right to accept or reject submissions for publication and the right to make final copy edits for each document submitted for publication.
  • Once published, the author must agree to transfer copyright to WIIS with exclusive rights to publication in all media outlets now known, including electronic databases.


The following resources provide guidance for those interested in submitting proposals to WIIS for publication:

Due to high demand, submissions are limited to WIIS members