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Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence: Its Rise and Our Responses
Gendered Harm: The Disproportionate Impact of Weapons on Women and GirlsNuclear Security
The Importance of Meaningful Participation of Female PeacekeepersConflcit Mediation & Resolution
Will More Women in Congress Mean More Bipartisanship?
Multilateral Cyber Negotiations and Gender Mainstreaming: A Complicated RelationshipGender Mainstreaming
Gender, Justice, and Accountability: Atrocity Crimes and the Protection of Witnesses and SurvivorsConflict-related Sexual Violence
Amplifying Voices: Why a Feminist Foreign Policy Matters for the Global South and NorthGender Mainstreaming
Exploring the Nexus between Gender, Climate Security and MigrationMigration
World Remade: The Geostrategic and Human Costs of the Ukraine WarEurope
Enhancing Security in Latin America and the CaribbeanAssessments, Monitoring, and Training
Reconciling Two Key Frameworks: Feminist Foreign Policy and Women, Peace & SecurityFeminist Foreign Policy
Safety and Security of Nuclear Facilities in Conflict Zones: The War in UkraineNuclear Security