success story 3

A single father was referred to Harvest America by a local partner. The client was a victim of domestic abuse and had been homeless for two years. As a result, the client had to leave his children with others while he stayed in his car. Harvest America was able to assist him secure housing and other services such as food, utility assistance and fuel for his car. Since English was not his first language, Harvest America also assisted with applications for SNAP food benefits and LIEAP utility assistance. The client also requested assistance with applying for a second part time job, and the agency responded with assistance completing applications on line and preparing for interviews. The client is now self-sufficient and building a future for his family. He stated, “Ahora tengo casa y los recursos para alimentar a mis hijos. Gracias por toda su ayuda.”

A couple, unemployed and homeless, was living in their car for three months when they contacted Harvest America. The agency assisted them with deposits and rental assistance to secure stable housing and referred them to community partners for furnishings and clothing. The couple was also assisted with employment, and they each obtained employment. The clients were very grateful for this assistance. They stated: “Let’s put it this way. I forgot what it feels like to get off work and have a home to go to.”

A single mother with four children contacted Harvest America for rental assistance, utility asssistance, food and fuel. Harvest America was able to provide these services and also assisted the family with the household budget for ongoing stability. The household avoided eviction and the family members were able to remain together with the children continuing in their same schools. With these critical needs addressed, the mother was able to concentrate on working more hours and providing a more promising future for her family.