Tips and Tricks for Your Next Generation Symposium Application

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Women In International Security (WIIS) has opened applications for the 2021 Next Generation Gender, Peace and Security (GPS) Symposium, and we are looking forward to selecting a cohort of graduate students and young professionals interested in examining international security challenges from a GPS perspective.

(Read more about the 2021 Next Generation Symposium.)

In our last Next Generation Symposium in 2019, we hosted an accomplished and diverse group graduate students passionate about WPS, gender, and international security, and we look forward to developing another strong cohort. To do so, we want to share tips to help everyone submit their strongest application possible. The following pointers come from feedback from previous symposium selection committees.

  • Explicitly and simply state your objectives in applying. We want to hear what this experience can give to you. Be sure to address:
    • What you hope to gain from your participation  in the symposium. What specifically would you like to learn?
    • Explain how participation in the symposium can help you develop your research or writing projects and advance your career.
  • Tell us why we should select you. Why are you qualified?
    • Explain how your experience, education, and interests uniquely qualify you. Our goal is to bring together a diverse group of scholars to facilitate learning from multiple perspectives on international security challenges.Be sure to discuss how your accomplishments and  experiences will provide a valuable and unique perspective to the symposium.
    • Tip: think about 2 to 3 specific contributions you can make; include these in your letter. Minimize flowery language. Keep your writing clean, concise and to the point.
  • Limit your statement of interest to no longer than two pages.
  • Only send us the required documents. We won’t look at any extra documentation, and it won’t help your application.
  • Please make sure your application is complete. Applications that are missing documentation–including the two required letters of recommendation–won’t be considered, so make sure you’ve attached everything by the May 1st deadline.  


Submit your applications in the application form.

We are looking forward to reading your applications, and are excited for a successful virtual symposium.

Please do not hesitate to email [email protected] with any questions you may have regarding the conference or your application.

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4 years ago

Thank you for sharing some tips! It’s always helpful to hear exactly what organizations are looking for and how we can best stand out. I sincerely appreciate it!

Amy Baldauf
WPS Ph.D. Candidate
University of Bradford

Toyosi Oyebanji
Toyosi Oyebanji
3 years ago

Thanks for the tips. Super Useful

Dharitry Borah
Dharitry Borah
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing the tips, I found them to be very useful!

Emmanuel C. Ogu
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing these tips. They are very useful, and make it really easy for applicants to give their best shots at the application requirements. I wish other organizations can follow such leads, and unwrap needless black boxes surrounding application procedures and requirements.
This was about my easiest application yet. Thank you WIIS for your commitment to excellence and transparency…

Emmanuel C. OGU
2019 Next Gen. GPS Applicant
Babcock University, Nigeria.

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