Administrative Leadership:

Kelly Wadsworth, [email protected]

Alli Frymoyer, [email protected]

Student Leadership:

Cristin Connerney


Cristin Connerney is the current President of the WIIS chapter at Carnegie Mellon. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Elon University where she received the 2021 Student Achievement in Business Analytics Award. Now, she is a graduate student pursuing a degree in Information Technology Strategy within the Institute for Politics and Strategy at CMU. She’s worked as a data scientist, business analyst, and consultant for insurance and investment management firms, making a positive impact through data-driven decision making. Cristin has a keen interest in advancing the presence of women and minorities in technology and international security. She also places emphasis on the importance of continued learning for individuals and expanding the larger wealth of knowledge.


WIIS-CMU aims to:

  • Elevate the voices of women, LGBTQIA+ and gender non-conforming persons in the international security space;
  • Work toward diversifying speakers and programming related to international security, politics, and history by committing to:
    • thresholds for inclusion with regard to programming, and;
    • intersectionality and reserving platforms for groups traditionally underrepresented in the field.
  • Encourage other departments at the university to diversify their programming;
  • Encourage faculty in relevant fields to diversify their curricula;
  • Provide training for students and faculty to diversify their citations and sources in their research;
  • Produce a quarterly newsletter including virtual workshops and podcasts promoting the work of women, LGBTQA+ and gender non-conforming persons and announcing upcoming programming and professional development opportunities, and;
  • Develop programming and mentoring opportunities for students particularly related to professional development in international security.

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